(A) Spice World: The Movie

“Hold on to your knickers, girls!”

Ah, nostalgia. How you never fail to make me realise how amazing 9-year-old me was. And nothing quite encapsulates that like the Spice Girls.

Tracking a week in the life of the most famous band on the planet, the film has everything you need in the perfect movie. Quotable, car chases, a host of cameos (including Elton John, Sean Connery and Bob Geldof), a fashion montage, a ghost story, aliens, an emergency baby delivery, and a killer soundtrack.

It also has a lot of heart and leads you either want to be, or be with, depending on what way you’re inclined, and perfectly encapsulates girl power in such a camp and fun way that you leave wanting to conquer the world.

It was ahead of it’s time in many ways. Taking influence from films such as the Beatles Hard Days Night and making it their own so you can enjoy it no matter what age you watch it. It’s extremely self-aware and revels in the cheesiness of it all.

All the men in this film come across as trying to break the girls down because they can’t handle the power these women have, or gormless and just a bit stupid. This is a girl’s movie, no doubt about it, and a feminist one at that.

There’s even a pregnant best friend who’s fella leaves her, but she’s ok with the support of her friends and doesn’t worry about raising the baby alone. You don’t even get that kind of thought in modern cinema, let alone a film thats over 15 years old.

Their acting chops are hardly that of Oscar winners (especially Victoria, bless her) but regardless the entertainment value lets them get away with it with barely a second glance.

I genuinely how forgot how much I loved this film. It’s just feel-good, cheesy, greatness, and deserves to be a classic in its own weird, brightly-coloured right.

Spice World: The Movie is now available on Netflix

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