(B) Ghostbusters

This film was all I ever wanted it to be.

Now I have a proper job (I KNOW!) one of my work perks was being able to see this bad boy early. Before I went in, I felt like me and my buddy Scott were the only two people in the entire UK who were on board with this remake of a 80s classic.

But I think people will change their mind now. Ghostbusters-previewNot only because their promotion is INSANE (they’ve taken over one of the biggest stations in London and turned it into a Ghostbusters shrine – it’s pretty dope), but because the film is actually pretty good.

In fact, I had an amazing time.

Four female scientists use their expertise in the paranormal to battle ghosts across New York City, with the help of a kickass former subway worker who knows the city inside out, and a ditzy receptionist.

The film starts out strong but loses it’s strength as it hits the final act a little. It’s a bit of a shame, because the build-up towards that end is amazing. It just fluffs a bit and unfortunately relies on former iconic stars (StayPuft and Slimer) at this crucial point rather than creating it’s own spectacle.

This could’ve been a great point for the film to completely break into it’s own merits, but that doesn’t mean it still wasn’t original.

Does it beat the original? No. But it was never going to and I think they were playing it smart by acknowledging its predecessor without making a direct carbon copy of it.

I would’ve graded it an A if they had taken a few more risks.

Kristen Wiig, Melissa McCarthy and writer Paul Feig are already a winning combination. The addition of Leslie Jones and Kate McKinnon was a smart move and I would not be shocked to see this group reunite in the future.

I’m crushing hard on Kate McKinnon after seeing her play the most badass member of the team, and that’s saying something – she shares a lot of screen time with Chris Hemsworth, who does a great job of turning the blonde bimbo trope on its head.

It’s a struggle to find a flaw in him and it’s really annoying.

On top of having four comedy goddesses running the show, I was shocked to see that they weren’t afraid to dip their toe in the scary a little – I felt a bit bad for the crying kid in the audience at my screening, parents clearly weren’t prepared.

*SPOILER* However, I don’t understand the Ozzy Osbourne cameo – that was weird as hell and completely unnecessary. It kind of killed the vibe a little bit.

Ghostbusters is in cinemas now. 


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