(D) Personal Shopper

If a relative dies suddenly, you want answers. If they die quickly of an ailment that you also possess, then you’ll want them even more to help you prevent the same fate. That’s a simple enough starting point. Seeking answers for her brother Lewis’s untimely death, Maureen (Kristen S tewart) heads to Paris and becomes … More (D) Personal Shopper

(B) Lion

I remember being a kid and getting antsy when I couldn’t find my mum at the supermarket – so the concept of getting lost 1200km from home at the age of five is enough to send me into a full on panic attack. But that’s what exactly what happens in Lion, which documents a boy’s life after getting … More (B) Lion

(C) Split

SPLIT follows the story of three girls who are kidnapped after a birthday party and wake up in a makeshift cell owned by a man none of them have met before. They soon discover this man has DID, a form of mulitple personality disorder, which means that more than twenty personalities live inside his brain. … More (C) Split

(A) Soaked in Bleach

“Save the American Icon, Tom…” Soaked In Bleach tracks the real-life investigation of Tom Grant, a private investigator hired by Courtney Love after Kurt goes missing, 3 days before he is found dead in his Seattle home. Taping every interaction he had in connection with the case, the film ties them together with re-enactments that leading … More (A) Soaked in Bleach